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The Holiday Raffle - 2015

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Heyhey - less than a month to go.

We have about 45 participants and 17 prizes. I'd like to at least double those prizes before the 11th!

I'll throw in a second PBM kit (1/72 minicraft).

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I know what I intend to donate now, just depends on if I have to go on strike in the next couple weeks. Postage from Canada gets expensive when no money is coming in.

Hopefully who ever wins mine lives near by.

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I have some good news - the chat room will be different this year and is being arranged by another raffle participant! Berkut gets a big thumbs up from CorsairMan on that one. I'll have the details up a few days before the raffle.

I keep forgetting to mention that my name does not go into the hat for the raffle but I do get to MC the event.

I'd like to see some more prizes - it keeps the excitement going. We are at about half of what we had last year.

Phantom - I truly hope there is no strike.

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Ok - Raffle details finalized

Date is the 11th and start time is 9pm

Prize list updated - if you have a prize to contribute, now is the time to let me know!

10 more days!

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