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F-16C block30 330 Squadron "Thunder"

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Well after the completion of my latest book, Viper Under The Skin, I have this appetite for a large scale F-16. I chose to build a jet from my favorite F-16 unit in HAF service, a block30 from the 330 Squadron.




These are some of the few modifications need to be done on the Tamiya kit. I started by removing the bulges on the upper surface of the wing roots and the GPS Antenna behind the cockpit.


I have used the Aires cockpit in my latest Viper build, a blk52+ and although the level of detail is magnificent there is a distinctive fault with the dimensions. The instruments panel cover is shorter than it should be leaving a huge gap in front.



The Tamiya lacks the detail of the Aires part but it is accurate in terms of size. I will try to lengthen the Aires part to solve the problem.


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After seeing your beautiful cockpit, I rushed to your site to see pictures of your latest book, a really good job !!!!

I confess you that I,m interested and I'm considering buying it, as they are very interested in the book on the F-4, when you complete it?

These two models occupy a prestigious position in my personal ranking of the models to do and I'm sure your books could help me much in construction, detail and color (to hardest).

Meanwhile I follow with attention your wip, it promises to be a very interesting guide in the construction of a perfect Greek Viper! :thumbsup:

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Getting on with the structural reinforcement plates.

I sticked the sticker with the plates from the T-birds kit on a piece of pewter and then cut to shape and cemented on the fuselage.



It was only after the primer that I realised the Tamiya plates have no thickness and all the detail is completely lost under the primer! So i removed them and ordered the Crossdelta set from SprueBrothers. :bandhead2:/>


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Small progress on the nose LG. I was not satisfied by the Tamiya parts so I added some detail with pewter, metal and styrene rods and various bits from the spares box. Also I used a few nuts and bolts from Callibre35 resin sets. Total parts added so far 32! i will continue with the retracting mechanism. Next priming and painting and finally electrical and hydraulic lines.




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Outstanding project! Just finished on of these myself in 32nd scale. Just a heads up, The Crossdelta scab plates are highly detailed however, They are way to thin for this scale. I used vinyl copies of the stiffener plates, applied them to the fuselage and wing then, stacked the photo etched plates over top the vinyl...Made a huge difference to the overall scale!



Here is my Blk 30 finished up


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Just found this topic. Mainly because I am now doing one in this Squadron albeit in 1/144 scale.
Notice no one does the Squadron in this scale. So probably have to paint them in myself.
Using the Revell MLu Tiger meet boxing. Here's to hoping it will turn out.
But back to yours. I hope you revive your build at some time and finish it. Would love to see it.


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