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RAF Squadron 3 Green and Res.Yellow Paint Help

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I'm looking for a source of RAF Squadron 3 green paint and rescue yellow paint. I know Xtracolor makes both of these paints; however, I'm in the USA and I cannot find a source of it. Hannants confirmed that they cannot ship to the USA anymore enamels. So now, I'm completely at a loss of what options I have. I try to always use Gunze Mr. Color. I'm not sure if there's a color for either of these. If so could someone share what the Mr. Color number is? If not Gunze Mr. Color, what other companies make these shades of paints?

Thanks for any help.

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It's not the shipping to the USA that's the problem, it's the shipping from the UK.

Neither of those colors should be particularly hard to match. There are loads of 'standard' basic paint colors and model car and/or railroad colors that are going to be very close.

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Try this site:


They are based in Poland but I have had about 7 or so xtracolour paints mailed to me in Canada. I tested it with one colour and it worked so I ordered a bunch more of the harder to find british colours.

I looked and they have both the yellow and the green in stock, Great service!!!


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