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A little something different. People I worked with and people and things caught by my camera:

The Law Enforcement flight I worked with at U-Tapao:



A Air Base Defense jeep outside Defense Control


A A.P.C. helps pull a grass cutting tractor out of a ditch.


The only American woman assigned to U-T. She worked in graphics and after remembering the last ditch defense plan, a friend and I decided to train her with as many weapons as our commander would allow.


Two Thai A.F. police we worked with on the gates.


A Thai Guard waiting for his two G.I.s to come out of control. If you look closely you can see his lunch hanging from his belt.


ne of our vehicle maintenance guys at U-T.


We received complaints about speeding vehicles near the Thai hangers on our base so we set up a timing device that used mirrors and a stop watch. This system was used before vehicle radar was available.

The very first vehicle, a Thai Land Cruiser, swerved in close and its draft pulled the whole thing down. Korat


Alpha 2 S.A.T. on patrol. Korat

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I appreciate you sharing your memories with us, I enjoy seeing these pictures. Though I was just a young kid in the early 70's I remember seeing a lot of these vehicles in the armory we had across the street from my house in Jersey.


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I am trying to find information about UTapao.  My father, Robert Cummings, was TDY there back in 1969.  He was a vehicle mechanic.


I am trying to find out where the motor pool, where I assume he worked, was located, and about the location of billeting, etc.  If you have pictures that show these areas I would greatly appreciate any help.


Dad now has Parkinson's and is quickly deteriorating.

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