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1/72 F-106A by Meng

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Here's what I think I'm seeing here...


1. A separate sprue containing the F-106A fuselage, missile doors (in the closed position), and the cockpit parts. This and (9) indicate to me they have at least planned for, if not actually are going to do an F-106B!

2. Six Shooter missile bay door

3. Early subsonic drop tanks

4. Late supersonic tanks

5/6. Early (F-102 style) and late main wheels (??)

7/8. Early & late main canopies (?)

9. See above - F-106B breakdown!

10. Genie! Full missile load with extended launchers or buttoned up.

Me likie!!!

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So there are... Bring it on baby!!

And I just noticed the very early markings for the 539th FIS, which *definitely* indicates they need to have included all the early airframe parts! The markings date from 1959-1960.

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iModeler has photos of the sprues. WOW!!

Note that they say this is 1/48, but it is most assuredly NOT 1/48, it IS 1/72..


I think this thread originally said 1/48 too! Darn, but I had already read it was 1/72 on several other sites. I was hoping the original thread here was correct.

Apparently not.

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Just saw this, and it looks great in the photos. I'll finally get a chance to use those Wolfpak Bone Cranium decals, plus one of Mark's forthcoming sheets will cover a 94th FIS "Six". I can see several of these being built.



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Hello all,

The best 1/72 kit I've ever seen ! I have been very impressed by this model. I can't wait to add a few kits in my stash


I sincerely think the same : although we've been blessed with beautiful 1/72nd scale aircraft models recently (think F-102 by Meng themselves, Wolfpack-D T-2C, Tamiya F-16C, Fine Molds F-14D, Hasegawa Su-33/35, Zvezda Su-27 to name jet models only) I rate the new Meng F-106 over these kits in details, sharpness, finesse, engineering.

I obviously cannot express myself on accuracy or ease of building and I am not a professionnal but in my eyes this kit sets a new standard. I looks like a new step has been made in model technology/engineering.

It makes me wonder what can Meng do in the future?

1:72nd scale is well alive!!

Eric B.

PS : Looking forward for your new decals Jennings!

Eric B.

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