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stash cleanout; 1/32 - 1/48 - 1/72

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I'm doing a gradual thinout of the stash. Too many kits, too many other interests plus the need for extra funds to fight a prolonged legal battle has led to this point. So here are the initial round of kits up for sale:

1/32 Scale:

Academy F-18C 'Golden Dragons" boxing (1st issue of the kit) (box open, bags sealed)D-Mold intakes, G-Factor gear and resin seat included $125

Trumpeter Mig-21F-13 (box open, bags sealed) $45

Special Hobby X-15A-2 w/ground dolly (box open, bags sealed) with the HTF SuperBug resin set $150

1/48 Scale:

Alley Cat Shorts Tucano T.1 2010 Display markings, kit # ACRK 48-002, new $70

Hasegawa A-4M (sealed) $35

Italeri Wessex UH.5 (sealed) $40

RoG/Hasegawa Ar-234C-3 (box open, bags sealed) $35

Tamiya F-117 w/HMMV (sealed) $50

Tamiya Swordfish Mk 1, float version (box open bags sealed w/PE set)$55

Accurate Miniatures P-51B (bagged sprues, no box) $20

Kinetic F-5A (box open bags sealed) $30

RevellAG Eurofighter Typhoon (box open bags sealed) SOLD

Hasegawa F-4EJ 8 Sq kit#09556 (box open, bags sealed) $65

Hasegawa F-2A 8 Sq kit# 09866 (sealed) $48

RoG SH-3H Sea King (box open, bags sealed) $45

Special Hobby J2F-2a Duck (box open, bags sealed) $45

Airfix deHavilland Sea Vixen FAW.2 (box open, bags sealed) $55

Airfix Gloster Javelin FAW9/9R (box open, bags sealed) $60

Monogram B-29 (box open, bags sealed) $75

Eduard Su-22/Su-17M3 Fitter w/CE detail set CEC48082, CE burner and nozzle CEC48080 & Part PE boarding ladder (box open/bags sealed) $250

RevellAG B-59 (box open, bags sealed) $48

RevellAG Cessna A-37 w/BB resin cockpit (sealed) $50

Eduard Mirage 2000N (box open/bags sealed) $35

Eduard Mirage 2000C (box open/bags sealed) $35

1/72 Scale:

Italeri T-45 (sealed) $20

Meng F-102A (Case X) (box open, bags sealed) $22

Monogram B-36 (sealed) $55

Italeri C-119C kit# 1146(sealed) $30

shipping/postage extra from postal zip 63366

paypal or MO

if you're interested and see something you like drop me a line:

jbrundt at yahoo dot com

if you don't like the prices feel free to make me a counter-offer, I may accept, you never know.

thanks for looking


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