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Hobbycraft 1-48th CT-133 Kiwi CAF

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I stand on my previous statement. Just an outstanding build, camo paint scheme, and decaling. But your weathering just pushes your build to the next level. Even the cockpit sills are weathered just right.


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Yves caught your article in the latest issue of RT. Thanks very much for submitting it as well as the other CT-133.

Great tips and I see how I messed up on my T-33 kit I started several years ago. For some silly reason I missed that the exhaust in the Hobby Craft kit was too far in. Oh well, not much I can do about it now since my fuselage is all buttoned up. Hmm, I could ope it back up but I don't think I want to.

I did notice that the kit has that NACA duct already moulded but not the vent in the armament door. Will need to scratch build that as well as the port side exhaust and add the fuel dump.

I also have most of those detail sets and I actually used the KMC intakes and they worked out ok. The one thing I was really happy with was the main landing gear wheel wells. I used the AMS resin set and it is a gorgeous piece of work. A little fiddling to get it in but worth it I think. Missed the air brake thing but I will do that on my next one. Or I could just ditch my stash of Academy kits and use the GWH kits :)

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