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need help mixing a color from tthe pro's

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doing the dash board of a 1933 Cadillac all research I did showed the dash board a glossy cedar.I have tried mixing model master acryl wood with clear red and insignia red. no matter what I did it never work ether way wood & insignia red was to dark and wood with clear red stayed to light. thanks for any help


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:D, G'day Dean. Perhaps you could try wood with a flat reddish colour with a drop or two of white or light grey mixed in with both and then straight clear over this. Did those early Cadillacs have real or faux wood on the dashboards? I know a lot of American cars had faux woodgrain on the dash. I guess it doesn't really matter what the real cars had if you can make your model look authentic. Or is it a real one you're doing? There are a whole lot of you tube videos on different methods of faux woodgraining.



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