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Tu-22 Blinder

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The upcoming Modelsvit Tu-22KD can clearly be built as a bomber or missile carrier judging by the sprue shots on HobbyTerra. To use this kit to do an early Tu-22A as supplied to Iraq or Libya, one would only have to perform a little surgery to sever the IFR probe on the nose (provided that there aren't other shape related issues)? The Tu-22A's also had the tail cannon. I can't tell from the sprue shots if there is a tail gun or not (tail fairing bits are shown) although it appears to be visible in the box art just above the left horizontal tail. The IFR probe is the big one. Anything else externally?



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My understanding is that the export Tu-22s were designated Tu-22B and were actually downgraded Tu-22Rs. These have totally different nose, specifically the radome, compared the KD variant Modelsvit kit represents. I am not sure if the export aircraft also have the older VD-7M engines with different nozzles, I have not seen a clear picture. Also I would assume that the R/B variants do not have a recess for the Kh-22 missile.

But the word/rumor is that Modelsvit is planning multiple variants, so a conversion may not be necessary if you can wait for an early variant. See http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=284829&st=0 .

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Going from memory... I believe Libya used the Tu-22B exclusively. Most of Iraq's fleet consisted of Tu-22Bs, but they did get delivery of a handful of Tu-22Ks, and a bunch of Kitchens in the early 80's.

Tu-22Ks had a larger, 'bulged' nose due to the larger radar needed for the Kh-22. IIRC, the Blinder-A had the smaller, non-bulged nose. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Russia---Air/Tupolev-Tu-22KD/1778850/&sid=ba95e63a0d76c93c1cef631d65af7ffa Easy way to spot the difference: the white portion sits below the nose tip on the non-bulged version, and above it on the bulged nose. Going from that, this Libyan Blinder would have the small nose: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8d/F-4N_of_VF-51_intercepts_Libyan_Tu-22_1977.jpg The IqAF Blinders here: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Bo1cR8BjSMA/Tq0HGWHkXiI/AAAAAAAAJeQ/zBlgyhFfcfA/s1600/IRAK%2BTU-22%2BNIEVE%2BO%2BARENA.jpg and here: http://iraqiairforce.blogspot.ca/2009/08/blog-post_08.html would also be small-nose B's.

In which case, you would probably better off waiting for Modelsvit to release that particular version (IIRC, they've said they're doing the whole family). You probably *could* sand down the kit's nose, but it'd be a lot of work, potentially a disaster, and kinda pointless if a Tu-22B is in the works anyway.

If you wanted to do an Iraqi Blinder-B (not sure if they had IFR probes or not) you should be able to build the kit, OOB, as one of those specific airframes. Tom Cooper has a profile drawing and some info here: http://www.acig.info/CMS/?option=com_content&task=view&id=247&Itemid=47 and here: http://www.acig.info/CMS/?option=com_content&task=view&id=249&Itemid=47

Also: PM in-bound. :)

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I haven't taken any pics of an early 'bomber' Tu-22 - but these ones I took at Engels in 2007 illustrate the different radomes....

Tu-22RDM - recce version - with same nose as early Tu-22B...


The Tu-22U has the same radome...


.... as does the Tu-22PD ECM version...



The Tu-22KD (the subject of Modelsvi's kit) has the bulged radome.....



The Gate Guard at Engels is a Tu-22KD....


More pics from the Engels visit here. (scroll down for the Tu-22 pics)


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Thanks for the info guys - some really nice links there and a few photos I hadn't seen before. I referred to the aircraft as Tu-22A's as according to the Sergey Burdin/Alan E. Dawes book, that's what they were - there was no Tu-22B model. The book states that the misuse of the Tu-22B designation probably comes from the fact that the aircraft were Tu-22A's Variant B and as a result being called Tu-22B's. Anyhow, no point in torturing the alphabet. Based on the sprue layout it looks as though it's a simple matter.



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