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I cracked open the bags on my Revell B-24. This will be a mostly OOB build, I've got a set of Squadron canopies, Mike Grant decals, and I may use some Eduard seatbelts. Lots of good schemes for a B-24 but I opted for a sand (desert pink) color one since it is different from the usual OD/NG bombers. I started some painting in the interior, Vallejo Model Color Bronze Green for the cockpit, and from what I can find the most likely color for the area aft of the cockpit is natural metal but could have been Zinc Chromate or even green. I'm going with the aluminum since that seemed to be most common.

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First steps on the B-24D. The cockpit is painted in Vallejo Model Color Bronze Green and the rest of the interior in Alclad Aluminum.

I've never built the big B-24, but it is typical classic Monogram. The interior is good right out of the box, especially considering how little will be seen once it is closed up. Some test fitting show the fuselage should go together with little problem.


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Interior is moving along well. I did a count and there are around 135 parts in the kit (not counting the Cletrac) and over 70 of them go on before the fuselage halves go together. The interior colors are a guess since there is a lot of variation in B-24s. I ended up going with Bronze Green for the cockpit, neutral gray for the bomb bay, and zinc chromate for the after fuselage with natural metal framework. Test fitting still looks really good, and a couple tests with Vallejo US Sand looks like the right pinkish shade.

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It was a productive weekend. Worked on the interior of the B-24, plus I received the Mike Grant decals. The interior is what really makes the Monogram big bombers great, and the B-24 is no exception. The interior colors are not exact but possible based on existing photographs and existing B-24s. I read that in the early B-24s the skin was painted prior to attaching it so it could be zinc chromate on a natural metal frame. It is also possible the interior was mostly all metal, but I liked the look of the exposed framework. I didn't do much else except add some wire as throttle handles, but really very little can be seen when It is all closed u

After I took these picture I did add the bombs and close up the fuselage.

Next onto the engines and wings.








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