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Right tool for the right job

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:D, Um, somehow I don't think duct tape (or instant airframe as we Aussies call it) is the right tool for that particular job. Screwdriver; quick and easy to swing the mount out of the way to unload your human cargo and then slip it back into place. Duct tape? Slow and messy to remove and slow and messy to fix the mount back in place when you go to take off again. For this particular job in this situation I don't think even the nut and bolt originally supplied with the mount would be the right tool.



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As someone who works in airworthiness, and routinely reviews hazreps from the fleet, this kind of stuff creeps me out. It probably works until it doesn't, then equipment gets damaged and people injured unnecessarily.

I hope the current aircrews aren't doing stuff like this, but I know they are.


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