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A moment of silence for France

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Been going through a rough patch in life but it pales into comparison to this. It sickens me how many people won't see their loved ones again because of a few criminal scum.

I hope they find the people or group responsible and bring them to justice.

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My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families and friends. This should be the time to unite agaisnt terrorism wherever it rears its ugly head. Good people everywhere should unite and show these people that we won't tolerate this nonsense anymore. This is how evil grows, when good people do nothing to stop it. This is an evil that is affecting every nation, even those in the former eastern bloc. The rest of the world must forget our political differences and send these types a message they can't help but understand. I personally don't like killing but I'm prcatical enough to know that sometimes there's unfortunately no other way to get the message across to some people than by aggression and violence.


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So sad for France, and humanity.

The spontaneous singing of The Marseillaise during the evacuation of the Stade de France exemplifies why this kind of terror is self-defeating.

We Stand With Paris and all France.

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Another day of infamy...

Here in France the atmosphere is very sad and heavy.

In fact, I am very sad. Sad and revolted.

My thoughts for all the victims and families.

My thoughts for people of France.


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I think i speak for every sane person in the world that we all support France in these difficult times and that our thoughts are with the families of the victims.

But do note that we will never be scared into obedience.

Well said. I have been searching for the right words but you have already expressed my feelings. Paris and France we stand with you.


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Awful, and strangely close to home here on the other side of the world after spending a fab few days in Nice watching the TdF in 2013, and having both our daughters holiday in Paris recently.

Had coffee in the Lindt Cafe in Sydney a few weeks ago just to prove to the piss-ants that we could.

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I paid my respects last night Nov. 13 by pulling out and playing my double LP copy of Supertramp, Paris, their live album recorded in Paris in 1979. In this album Rick Davies, made note of Supertramp's first concert in Paris in 1975 at the Bataclan where he noted before they began to play The Logical Song that the concert in 1975 was mostly forgotten as played in front of only a handful of spectators. By their Paris tour in 1979 they were selling out football stadiums.


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Hello everyone , thank you for your support messages

This is the last provisional assessment of the attacks in France

129 dead, 352 injured

According to the latest assessment made by the procurator of Paris , terrorist attacks caused 129 deaths and 352 injured. Of those injured , 99 are in a situation of " extreme urgency " .

Greetings from France


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