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A moment of silence for France

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Sometimes words do matter. To wit:




Calling this group of zealots "ISIS" or "ISOL" actually feeds into their narrative, and lends them legitimacy. Calling them "Daesh" is a thumb of the nose to them, and it's widely used in the Arabic language press. We should do nothing to support or in any way legitimize their twisted worldview. So let's all start using "Daesh"!

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with those in Paris, and everywhere that is touched by this vile group.

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Thanks for all the notes of support.

Good people can make a difference.

I think it best that we never mention those that were responsible for this in any way. No names nor description, nothing. We must not allow them to feature in history at all. Gone to the winds they are to be forgotten, that is the best way to repay them. Gone and forgotten already.

The survivors and to the families of the lost are who we must give our attention now.

This thread should be about support. Not blame and not pointing fingers by name. They do not deserve to be featured here.

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Post in question was moved. Thanks for the suggestion. :thumbsup:

Steve Bamford

Perhaps this post above ^^^ should be/could be moved over to this thread:


It seems to fit in more in the other thread as this topic here is more for condolences, thoughts, prayers, memorials etc etc.

Just a thought is all...



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Hi all,

On November 14 all news channels in Russia reported those terrible news from Paris.

It was hard to believe it could happen.

That day lots of people in Moscow and Sankt-Petersburg brought flowers and candles to the French Ambassies.

They showed their support to France, to french people the way they could.

I think now everyone in civilized world not only understand but feel it by their heart that only standing together we can

stop those bas...rds from their attempt to plant panic and fear to Europian peoples.

Only side by side, setting aside all the variances between Russia and the Coalition, we can fight and defeat so called ISIL.

People of Russia do know what terrorism is all about. And we all send our prayers to people of France and all who were involved into

the tragedy.

My true condolemces to those who lost their near and dear that day.

Viva la France! And may God save Europe.


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