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Paint colour for fleet air arm corsair?

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Hi all im going to be building a 1/32 f4u-1d in fleet air arm colours. Its going to be the grey/blue like the one here im looking for a tamiya spray paint to match this.


the colours US Navy Glossy Sea Blue. I don't think Tamiya do a an accurate match to GSB in their paint range.

I think their version in spray cans in AS-8


in paint pots it's XF-17

discussion here as to what color you need


It notes that XF-17 is too green.

Tamiya actually have a mix for GSB, from linked thread

GSB using Tamiya paints is XF17:5 + XF8:3 + XF2:2. This is what Tamiya calls out for their 1/48 Corsair.


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Tamiya doesn't do GSB in jars, they do Non-specular Sea Blue which is not just a flat version of GSB.

Model Master does a nice GSB enamel; they label it as Dark Sea Blue FS15042 and it is (I assume it's still available) offered in both bottles and spray bombs. They also did it in the Acryl line in bottles. MM DSB is my preferred paint for a GSB airplane.

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