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Meng M1A2 TUSK

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Wow... just after I picked up the Dragon SEP and the Voyager full meal deal. Then again - I got everything half price and no shipping or tax... so I bet I am way ahead. Still.... it looks like a ton of work!

I think the Meng kit is going to smoke the Dragon one. More details here:


Very impressive.

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Holy cow, they sure did a lot of cool work on there. Only bad thing....I have 3 of each M1A1/M1A2 dragon Abrams :crying2:/>

That's a bad thing? Only a week ago it was the best Abrams out there.

Don't worry... IF this is released, ANYTIME SOON....it will be crapped upon and "too expensive" compared to monogram tanks that can be easily had at the swap meet. Not to mention one of the "panels" will be a scale inch too big...or too small.. Or too thick. ..and thus render the kit fatally flawed and unbuildable

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