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Red Flag Threat simulators

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As part of our Forty years of Red Flag display at Telford I really wanted to show some of the simulated threats used out on the range. Now there aren't any kits I am aware of so it was going to be a case of scratch building until a couple of strokes of good luck came my way ! The first was the production of a resin M114 AFV in 1/72 by S&S models. Second stroke of luck was discussing the project with Neil Gaunt of Aircraft In Miniature. I explained I was having to scratch build a couple of emitter turrets for Telford and he said could he have a look at my reference material and did I have any measurements ? Well the next day Neil emailed back CAD drawings of what he termed 'the dustbin' ! A few days later the 3D printed (SLA) turrets showed up - how good is that ? Thanks Neil ! The M114s were replaced by pick up trucks as the AFVS were considered too damaging to the desert environment. My second model was based on a photograph that appeared in a World Air power journal that showed the threat emitter mounted on a cabin carried by a CUCV - these days pick up trucks with dual rear wheels are used to lug the things around and they can be seen on exercises in Europe. The thing that is missing is the towed generator and a rack of Smokey SAMs.












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