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OP-2E, 1/72 using the Revell kit

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While I was thinking what to use for the sensors, I started adding the Miniguns. At first I planned to use the Miniguns that come with the Italeri AC-47, I even bought one only to use the SUU-11s. However, since they don´t have a nose cone, I turned to something more simple and used Minigun-pods from the Matchbox AH-1G:


I think they look good on the beast!



Finally I dropped the idea of using nails and reverted to something simple again: Tooth picks and some paper are the base for these sensors:


A bit pointy in comparison to the original, but I think they´ll do the trick.


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I´m really happy that I didn´t followed the idea with the nail, since the toothpicks are looking really good now!

I made small disks out of paper, using a hole punch. Then I added the fins, made from paper as well. Don´t look to closely, the fins are far away from beeing symmetric... The disks came on top of the picks.


Then I drilled a small hole into the bottom of the sensor and glued in a thin rod of heated and stretched sprue.


I didn´t used "normal" plastic sprue here, but plastic from a figure set. These usually come in a different styrene that´s much more flexible. Usually something I´d complain about (since flash is hard to remove from these felxible figures and you usually can´t glue them with plastic cement), but in this case the flexibility of the material is perfect!

Two thin and short pieces of green thread. Glued on the rod and voilà, we have a sensor!


Some color on it, using two greens, sand, brown and black.



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It´s done!


With the attaching of the two MERs with the sensors the final construction steps have been completed. I hope weather will straighten up (and warm up!) so I can take a couple of pictures outside. At the moment there´s still snow...



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Fantastic, HAJO. :thumbsup:

Your sensors look really great.

I could not offer any advice about how to scratchbuild the sensors. Just one indication of your superior scratchbuilding skills was the idea to use the figurine type styrene to strech for the antennas.

There cannot be a lot of models in the world of a VO-67 Neptune complete with those racks and sensors.

Cheers, Stefan.

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On 12/18/2015 at 3:29 PM, Hajo L. said:

Next part has been done: The nose radar!

My first try went bad - I was using the radar of a RN Seaking

I realize this is a pretty old thread, but I was wondering which Sea King kit this was? There is a Revell kit with the radar on to and the Airfix and Cyber Hobby kits with the radar hanging from a pylon.






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