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New, nice kits FS (My version of Black Friday sales)

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Ah, that time of the year has come!! This year has been fun, with a lot of ups, and a few downs. Nonetheless, we welcomed our 2nd child into the world and I have done a lot of growing up before and after. Thus, its time to round up some funds for our holiday season travel (military trying to get home to family) and also the kiddos Christmas funds. I have realized that a fairly decent size of my stash serves no purpose but as eye-candy and day dreaming. With that, Ill offer the below kits with decent pricing (IMHO) INCLUDES shipping anywhere in the CONUS 48. If your interested on one, or more make an offer as Id love to just get these outta here. I'm NEVER going to get around to them, and they can go to a much better and greater cause. Let me know of any questions you may have. Please make me some offers, I can be haggled with, especially with the 1/32 stuff. I NEED those gone! Thanks and take care!


Kinetic F/A-18A/B/C/D $100 (includes all variant parts, and SAC Gear)

Academy F-16CG/CJ $60

Trumpeter F-14D Super Tomcat $140

Revell F-4G Wild Weasel $45


Trumpeter HH-65C Dauphin $65

DML M4A3E8 Sherman "Thunderbolt" $50


Academy F-4B/N Phantom $40

AMT ES-3A Shadow $35

Revell F-14B Tomcat (newer boxing w/updated parts) $25

Hasegawa F-14B Jolly Rogers Final Cruise $45

Hasegawa A-4M Skyhawk $25

Kittyhawk UH-1Y Venom Huey $40

Italeri A-10C W/SuperScale Sharkmouths $40

Revell A-10 W/Sierra Hotel Inlets/closed airbrakes and Verlinden airframe/pit upgrade set $35

Kinetic F-35B V. 2.0 w/new weapons/parts $40

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