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Kinetic 1/32 scale RAAF Hawk 127 OOB

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all considering bit a bad kit but with a few minor mistakes: most of the stencils for the RAAF 127 are printed in the wrong shade of gray so they just disappear once in place :crying2: it was really a pity, especially for the many NO STEP. Slime light doesn't fit the PE parts for them, so you better to replace PE parts with larger but shorter plastic strips cut to shape over the decals. There are no instructions for the RAAF variant and many PE parts are not mentioned on the instructions, check the many walkarounds on the web and you will know where to place them. :rolleyes:

Stencils for ejection seats and landing gears would have been nice to have especially since this airframe has a lot of bit but there were none in the box.

Finally mind that center line aux fuel tank is not used Down under and that you need to remove the groove running from the back of the front gear bay to the wings, it is just a mould mistake. :woot.gif:

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Ah there's an old contact!!! Thanks for your help with the Italian F-104 I made last year.

Great looking Hawk 127 you got there. Three of those made the trip from Australia over to New Zealand for the Wings Over Wanaka 2014 and they put on a fantastic show.

Only issue I can see with it, it's a real niggly minor. The model has been weathered really well but it appears that the APU exhaust on the spine (hole) forward of the tail fin has been overlooked just for it to be in keeping with the rest of the weathering. Just a minor but it really is top work. Here's a reference I've found of an Aussie Hawk 127 : http://motty.hobbyvista.com/Articles/Fuse-01.html

specific picture: http://motty.hobbyvista.com/Articles/Photos/Spine-02-01.jpg

Regards from New Zealand


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