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Revell of Germany DC-10-30

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I've recently purchased the Revell DC-10-10. Nice kit considering it's age. However, I'm curious to know if Revell of Germany did a completely different kit for the DC-10-30. I know it has the center line main landing gear which is correct (though it didn't necessarily have to be deployed for light landings or empty fuselage tank).Did they get the longer wings right. Also would anyone have a DC-10-30 kit they would like to sell. I'm not interested in the MPC/Airfix kit nor am I willing to pay Ebay pricing for the Revell kit. Any info would be appreciated.

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They did a KC-10A release...KC-10s were based off of the DC-10-30.

I'd guess they got the wing span correct, as that is pretty much the most distinguishing feature from a DC-10-10...other than the R2-D2 wheel.

Is the Revell DC-10 the better kit compared to the Airfix kits? I used to turn wrenches on FedEx DC-10s so would like to build one in the future.

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I have plans of slapping an Airfix nose on the Revell kit. I believe that makes a fairly good base for a nice DC-10! The Revell nose looks just weird, the nose is far too rounded and the cockpit windows are too low. There should be a more obvious step between the cockpit windows and the radome which is missing completely on the kit.

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