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Can Zoujei Mura's Skyraider be converted to Korean War version?

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Hi Jim. It sort of depends on the particular ac you want to build. Main things will be does it have the armour plate or not, and the style of wing pylons. Having to remove the armour or fabricate the older style pylons may be more work than you want to do. Other smaller items would be antenna fit and number of guns and cockpit details, which probably would be less work. Hope those items help out ... figure out the ac you want to do and go from there. Good luck.

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Dear Jim,

certainly I would go with the ZM kit to do the conversion you want. The best kit for Your best masterpiece.

It really is necessary to sand off the armor plates for the Korean version, I believe they were AD-3s that time.

I highly recommend the Skyraider book series In Action (Squadron Signal Pu.) that brings good designs pointing out the differences between versions.

To uniformly sanding the shielding plates there is a technique : making a small caliber hole in the wing or fuselage section which DOES NOT have the

shield, measuring the thickness with a piece of wire/sprue.

Then make several holes of the same caliber in various parts of the armor plates, in which are then inserted those wires/sprues (measured from sections

without shielding plates) sanding off the plates until they reach the height of wires/sprues.

Whenever you use sandpaper is recommended to adapt it into a piece of wood or metal so that the thinning is uniform, avoiding ripples.

The various modifications on aircraft frames (antennas, guns, pylons, etc...) and cockpits are easily done.


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