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Mig-29 SMT/CMT display aircraft question

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I would still like to add a 1/32 Mig-29 to my collection at some point.

Can somebody tell me how this particular aircraft is different from the 1/32 Trumpeter Mig-29M kit? The spine looks different and it features a refueling probe, but is it basically one of the newer-shaped Mig-29 with different intakes and LEX?

Thx for any help, I really have trouble telling all the 29 variants from one another.



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There are three main variants of MiG-29SMT, all of which have nothing to do, frame wise, with MiG-29M.

9.17 - Original SMT upgrade, has the largest spine.

9.18 - Your picture. It is basically standard 9.12 frame with refuel probe and electronics from SMT. Does not have the spine, but is apparently optional.

9.19 - The modern SMT as used by RuAF with "broken" spine. India are upgrading their 9.12's to "MiG-29UPG" standard which is 9.19 with some more bells and whistles. (izd 9.20)

All of these variants are based on the legacy 9.12/9.13 frames not MiG-29M. If you want to build one in 1/32 then your only choice is Revell kit (9.12) + Zacto goodies + scratchbuild cockpit panel and refuel probe. In 1/48 there is the GWH kit of 9.12 you can start from.

PS; As to the differences between 9.18 (essentially 9.12 frame wise) and MiG-29M (9.15) it would be easier to list what is *not* different between them. Maybe wheels and pylons but that is about it. Other than that just google MiG-29 (pretty much any in google search will do really) and MiG-29M and spot 1000 differences. :) Point being; you can't get 9.18 from 9.15 (MiG-29M). You can from "vanilla" MiG-29 9.12.

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IMHO, the only cool thing you can try to do with the 1/32 Trumpeter MiG-29M is to modify it to make the MiG-29OVT instead. (modify exhaust nozzle area, remove trackball, one or two things in the cockpit... and DIY decals and paintjob)

and if you really wanted to do the MiG-29SMT 9.18, you'll have to do what Berkut wrote.

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