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Hitler's G4 - Out of box review of classic Marui kit

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One facet of Nazi Germany I particularly fascinating is the way in which Hitler and his closest compatriots managed to take the concept of a “cult of personality” and weave it so totally into the fabric of the nation. In so many ways, the Nazi leader and his cronies became indistinguishable from the state itself. Let’s face it, Hitler, in so many ways, WAS the state.

One very physical symbol of this was Hitler’s penchant for spectacle, all the way down to his ride. The Mercedes-Benz G4/W31 is a perfect example of the brutish spectacle that Hitler made of almost everything. I’ve always wanted a model of that car, and am glad to see that Revell Germany makes a really nice new kit of it.

Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I generally eschew “nice new kits” and go for the “old and obscure” first. I didn’t even know if there WAS an older kit of the G4, but I figured I’d know it if I saw it. And, then I DID see it!

Check out my out of box review on the old Marui 1/35 G4. Sure, it’s not as nice as the Revell Germany kit, but it sure is a lot harder to find!



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I had that kit in the late 70ties,heard that it's worth some money today.



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Apparently, there are two versions, someone was telling me.


One has the motor (like this one) and the other doesn't. 


I'd like to get a less pristine example so I could get the figures for my 1/35 ICM G4; I want to do a Hitler parade car, not just have some dumb officers hanging around it. 

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