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AH-1W in Somalia 1993

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Good day,

I found this picture of an AH-1W in Somalia, January 1993 and would like to build a model of it.


It is not the best reference pic there is as can be seen. Anyone have more info on this or other AH-1Ws in Somalia around that time? All I am really after is the markings. From the photo I can see 133 on the nose, MARINES on the tail boom and the USAF roundel. I cant see the serial number etc. on the tail? Also looks like there is something on the engine cowling?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards


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The unit is HMLA-369. There should also be a tail code and buno number on the tail, should be SM for the tail code, both in black. On the cowl is the squadron logo. Standard 3 tone camo scheme. Looks like the sand filter is installed as the front of the intake is straight.

Later that year, Nov 1993 det was deployed on the Belleau Wood, the side number would have been in the 400's with an ET tail code encase you see any photos those are a later timeframe.


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