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Calling all aircraft handlers..

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Hi all. I'm after some information regarding spotting aircraft on a carrier deck. I've heard of places called "the crotch" and "the street", but I don't know where they are. I seem to recall seeing a diagram explaining where different spots on a deck were, do you think I could find it now!?! As I would like to set out the aircraft on my Enterprise model, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks heaps!

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The street refers to the area between cats #1 and #2 on the bow.

The crotch is the area at the far end of the waist cats. Where the angled deck ends.


1-4) Catapult #1 - #4

5-8) Aircraft Elevator #1 - #4

9) The Barrier. That's a huge net that is used to land planes if they are not able to accomplish a conventional landing.

10) The "Junkyard". That's the area aft of the island where the tractors, fire engines and the crane (the "yellow equipment") are parked.

11) The "Hummer Hole". That's the area next to the island where the E-2C and C-2 planes are parked.

12) The "Street". That's the space between Catapult #1 and #2.

13 / 14) The "Rows". These are the areas right of Catapult #1 and left of Catapult#2 where F/A-18s are parked in rows during landing operations.

15) The "Finger". That's the small area aft of Elevator #4 where a single plane can be parked.

16) The "Ramp". That's the beginning of the flight deck at the stern of the carrier. If a plane crashes into the carrier's stern during its approach it's called a "Ramp Strike".

17) The "Bomb Farm". That's the area between the island an the rail where bombs and missiles are stored during flight operations. From there they are brought to the aircraft.

18) The "Crotch". This is the place where the angled deck ends and the port bow begins.

19) The "Meatball".

20-23) Jet Blast Deflector #1 - #4.

24) The "Six Pack". That's the area where the row of planes is parked along the 'foul line'.

25) The "Corral". That's the area in front of the island: from the 'foul line' on the left, all the way up to elevator #1.

26) The LSO platform. From this platform the Landing Signal Officers control the approaches of the incoming planes.

Hope this helps.

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