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Dinky 666 - Corporal Launcher

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It's not quite a kit, but it is a good replica and this post IS related to Christmas, so I thought I'd put it up here.

There’s always that one massive “mega toy’… the really expensive and complicated one that everybody wants, but almost no kid gets.

When it comes to Military Dinky Toys from the 1960s, that title goes to Dinky No. 666, the Corporal Missile Transporter. As Britain’s first tactical nuclear weapon, this rocket system was a big deal, and Dinky made sure to commemorate it with a first-rate, and exceptionally expensive, toy.

When I was little, I’d seen pictures of it in my uncle’s old catalogues, and wished he’d been more into military stuff. I figure’d that’d be the only way I’d ever get to see one. Well, my brother proved me wrong, and for Christmas a few years ago got me one.

So, in the spirit of the Season, I thought I’d share one of the coolest Christmas presents ever, in any age.

Have a great holiday, everyone, and remember: Duck and Cover!


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