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Hi everyone.

I need help: Is it possible to convert an M48A2, existing from a 1/35 Revell kit, into an M48A5 and if so what do I need to do?

I've been thinking of getting an A5 version but the A2 is more available and the country I'm planning to build it as were M48A5s.



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I would start with the Dragon M48A3 Mod B kit. The M48A2 had a different vent arrangement on the rear engine deck due to the absence of the external air filter boxes. You would have to rebuild the rear engine deck to convert it into an M48A5, among other things.

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Academy made an M48A5 kit. I realize it's older, but would it get him closer to an A5, with less work? Or are there good reasons not to start with that kit?

I'd be interested to learn when the last M48 battle tanks were phased out of U.S. service? The Zaloga/Laurier title in Osprey's New Vanguard series isn't clear on that. Wikipedia vaguely suggests that reserves used the A5 into the 1990s. I assume some got the chance to wear MERDC in U.S. service. How about NATO Tri-Color?

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The Academy M48A5K ROK kit can be built into a US M48A5 by leaving some of the South Korean (ROK) features (side skirts, smoke launchers and smoke grenade storage boxes, cross-wind sensor, right side M60MG, swap out TCs M60 for an M2 .50 cal, M60-style spot light, etc.) off. It is off in the fender and track area though since Academy narrowed the tracks and sprockets by the width of one end connector to get the side skirts to fit. The fender sides have ribs to attach the side skirts that need to have voids filled to have seamless fenders on it. It has the rest of the US M48A5 features in the kit. It will get you close, but not a perfect M48A5. Depends on what you are looking for.

A little more info on the M48A5. These tanks were upgraded from M48A3 Mod B tanks (later versions, post 1968). The Dragon M48A3 Mod B kit is still the best starting point in my opinion.

Here are some things that were updated/changed:

- Armored, top-loading air cleaners

- Armored tail lights and added armor bars on rear exhaust grills

- Front light clusters with removable two-lens headlights and new light guards (as opposed to round gaurd w/individual lights)

- Urdan coupola replaces M1 cupola

- M68 105mm barrel

- Later versions had different tracks, T142 (octagonal pads) vs T97E2 (chevron pads)

Here is a pic of one to see some of the changes.


The below pic shows the rear armored lights and armored bars on the exhaust grills. This one also has early, unarmored, top-loading air cleaners.


Here is a great walk-around of one at Ft Drum to see more of the changes. http://www.network54.com/Forum/47209/thread/1240915606/M48A5+Photos+Ft+Drum+NY....

Here is a good thread on building an M48A5 too: http://www.armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=230936&page=1

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What country? M48A5 is a wide-ranging designation and the exact configuration of the tank varied greatly depending on the operator.

Just to provide an example, Turkish Army M48A5T1 and M48A5T2's are almost two different tanks from an equipment standpoint, and yet they are very different from Taiwanese or Korean M48A5s.

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