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1/72 Italeri SR-71 Blackbird

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  • 2 weeks later...

Start to work on front wheel well.

On original kit,it's a joke, and Eduard PE is too small and without details. So I need to scratch all of it.

Doing it in 1/72 is nothing but headache,everything is so small.

You can see on the first picture,I cut the kit


And then start to build everything from zero


For now, it looks like this, only started on this, many more to do. Lots of wires,details, painting,weathering...


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Good work Woody.

However there're a few things I'd like to draw your attention to, whether you think them worthwhile is - your model, your call:

1.Typically, in turbine engines the turbine blades aft of the combustion chamber are thinner and more numerous to extract the maximum energy.

While what you've got at present is more characteristic of an intake fan. This is the best photo I could find to illustrate.


2. The masked panels of your windscreen/windshield don't appear quite symmetrical. Perhaps polishing the whole of the glazed portion

then adding the beefy central strut and then masking the glazing might produce a more satisfying result. Also note the curve at the base

of the transparency (it's fused quartz not glass if my memory is working properly. And it's SR-71 61-7959, not an A or M) I have to say the row of raised rivets

which passes the bottom of the yellow 'Rescue' notice surprised me on a hi-speed airframe.


photo courtesy of Luc Colin.

Finally, another small detail on the intake cones which may be helpful - there's a metallic grey area beginning at around the max diameter which might help liven up that area of the model.


I should also mention that your stellar work on the reheat chambers especially has made me dig my kit out of the stash for another appraisal.

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Thank you very much for pointing few things.

I'm aware of all of that,but you must remember with what I'm dealing here. It's very poor 1/72 kit, nothing fit, almost everything is wrong, so basicly,

if I want to achieve complete accuarcy,it may be easier to scratch build the whole thing.

I don't have enough time to deal with every detail in this 1/72 scale,but I will do my best to correct as many things as I can.

If ever someone provide new tooled 1/48 kit,that would be on top of my list, and in that case,I will put lot more effort in it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Working on complex part of the front wheel well.

That's insane small in 1/72 , so I will just try to do my best. No way this can look good as in 1/48.





Placement inside,just to see how it looks. Now hard work,need to add lots of tiny wires,paint it...


Real thing,I will need to duplicate it ,in 1/72 , yeah right... :)


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  • 4 weeks later...

Long time pass, been pretty busy,so didn't have time to build.

Anyway, I did few things,not much tho.

First, front wheel well is finnish,and I think it's ok for 1/72.





And,bottom join is done, horror fit :) This is 3th time of filling and sanding. Few more and it will be ok.

Biggest gap was near rear wheel weel, and as you can see,now it's near perfect :)


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First, front wheel well is finnish,and I think it's ok for 1/72.

Are you kidding me ???!!! Woody that looks awesome ESPECIALLY at that scale. That would be very difficult to pull off in 1/48th scale, great work !!


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  • 4 weeks later...

I'm really out of time,but I promise,WILL finnish this project :)

And one big appology,I somehow manage to delete pictures of work in progress of front section :(

So I got only this one,that will,I hope, get you idea how I did it.

Basically, I just glued shaped styrene ,few layers,to correct wrong front end of the kit. And then styren filler,

and lot of sanding. I still need to corrects few things,more sanding ans filling...PITA of the job.


And this is where you see before and after,much better and accurate shape.


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