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1/72 Italeri SR-71 Blackbird

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I'm sorry I didn't updated this,but really 1000 things in life, so I just continue to build this,slowly, when I found few seconds to spare,without pictures...
Atm, still lots to do with it, but it's primed,painted,and weathered (only top side tho).
Still need to do something about decals, silvering not so visible in real,but on photos it's just gross... Probably will remove it with sharp blade,then
weather so it will all blend nicely.
Also, this is just stage 1 or 2, still a little blending to do, details,etc.

Some pictures ,hope you like it,nothing special but it's kinda the way I wanted and imagine SR-71 :






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That's totally unbelievable, Woody!  It's like a real SR-71 on a gigantic painting stand!   Re the decals if you had another decal set maybe you could remove them altogether and apply a gloss-coat to seal in all that awesome weathering, apply the new decals and final flat-coat?  But whatever you decide I'm sure the end result will be awesome!

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Thank you all for very kind comments,I appreciate it.

Well,I did overcoated it with matt varnish,and that was mistake,I tought silvering will dissapear ,but I tought wrong,lol.
So,after some thinking,I went to 'Braveheart' route.
I legit spent almost half the bottle of Tamiya Extra Thinn, about 40 passes over every decal,lol.  It doesn't affect paint or oils at all, but slowly getting to decals somehow and
melted film around decal.  Huh, it was risky move,but worthed.
Some spilling effects from extra thin can be seen, but it will add to flavour ,and I will blend most of it anyway.


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Extra Thin?!  Man, you're brave!!! But, by golly, this is strange magic you possess -- and you say it melted the carrier film and not the decal?   Was any rubbing necessary to get the film off?   There's nary a trace of the extra thin cement -- maybe a little -- but it's very faint and I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't mention it.   

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Well,it's easy.

I wanted heavy weathered look,bcs I like it better that way.  So,first, painted all with Tamiya Rubber Black. Then mix it with a little white, very thin mix, and sprayed randomly,to break a little all black plane.

Then, using oils. 

First I did dark grey mix , and make a lot of little vertical strikes ,about 3-4 mm long ,then pass over it with flat brush dipped in odorelss thinner. Repeated that many times, until blend was perfect.

I didn't overcoat it with future or anything, I just went over oils with another oil color,this time,brown.  Played a little to find right hue,and then repeated all that lines as with grey,but this time not so many of it. 

Tried to target key places.

Then, used light grey oil, and instead making blended lines, I just randomly put it on key places and blend it with lot's of thinner,universal strokes,not lines. (so you can achieve light stained area on some places of the plane)

Finally,I use some black oil, did just a little details ,like small stripes,etc. 


Key to all of this,is to blend it right, so is not looking artificial or too much in your face.  It's a lot of work,but not complicated. Just a little patience and artistic creativity is all you will need.

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Just seeing this superb build for the first time and I'm amazed at how well you have done. I love the rivet and panel work you have done as it makes this kit looks awesome. Also, as others have already said, your painting it topnotch. It difficult to black jets and not have them look like a toy, but you have the right touch. I cannot wait to see the next update ;)



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How to excel! The finish is pretty much everything on an SR-71 model; you couldn't ask more than this. The p/e panels look especially wonderful under paint.


This is a salutary lesson for all of us with 1/72 Black Things in the to-do pile...

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On ‎25‎/‎12‎/‎2016 at 10:51 AM, Woody_ said:

@The Scaremonger




:hmmm:Nice! Would you mind sharing them, please? You know I've been working in and out on the 1/48 Italeri Sled myself for quite a long spell now; kind of what Nimrod77 had done to his build several years back here on ARC. Thing is I don't think the plans I've got depict the OBC nose rather than they depict the ASARS one.

I've noticed that the OBC nose is the most elusive to reproduce. There's this kink on the nose that I was completely unaware of, which gives that strange look to the Habu.

It's most noticeable from an angle than any other angle, including the head-on view, in which you've got to be endowed with a trained eye.






I'm now used to realise where this kink starts at while looking from the front, but it's really subtle. Can you notice it?




The above picture is the best angle at which to spot it, you see? It's stressed by the curve on the OBC nose. Then you can also notice it from the side, but only just.



















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