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1/72 Italeri SR-71 Blackbird

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Need to check on my HDD's for BP's.


Btw...are we talking about 1/72 Italeri/Revel/Monogram kits, 1/48 Testors kit ?

If so... I wouldn't worry about such a small details you talking about.  Are you aware how inaccurate this kits are ?  Are you really prepared to correct ALL the issues ,like one with kink you talking about?

If you want to achieve such a perfection in every aspect, you would probably spent half of your life to do it. 

Maybe would be simpler to build your own SR-71,from scratch,lol ...bcs kits atm on the market are apsolute garbage...from inaccuracy,from worst soft plastic,without any details,etc.


I'm glad you have energy and motivation to build nice model, but if I were you,I would spent it on some other kits, waiting for someone to release proper SR-71,  with accurate laser measurement , better details,etc.

You can see how much work I put it on, and it's still looking ... well, not so good...  even tho I push with my painting and weathering 'skils'  ... you just can't hide bad kit.


Sorry if I sounded a little harsh, but I looked at so much SR-71 builds,and neither one looking good, including mine.  What's the point to correct one or two things, be so proud of yourself,when rest of the kit is

full of inaccuracies,and never on part. 


Ok,enough of me blabing,lol.

And once again,sorry if I went over the line with my comment, I honestyl wish you luck with your build, and my point:  don't bother with things like kink on nose and such, unless you able to pass that accuracy over whole model.

Just do your best,enjoy as much as you can ,and with me, wait for better Blackbird ;)


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Hi, Woody!

It's okay, mate. Not nearly offended by your comments; on the contrary.

Well, yes, I guess every modeller gets a tad obsessed with certain type of aircraft once in a while. I did it after having learnt what the issues on it were - and if they were worth fixing. Then lots of aftermarkets came out for the 1/48 Sled as of late. 

It's been the case with the Sled for me when I came across modellers who showed interest in going beyond a simple build, like Nimrod and one another Italian modeller who modified the whole forward fuselage and whose name fails me right now.

As I said, I've been working in and out on my Italeri 1/48 Sled for almost six years now. Taking it from time to time owing to the great amount of aspects that need to be corrected - as you said yourself. Think a brand new 1/48 Sled - be it Tan Model or Hypersonic; I don't know - will come out to the market before I finish mine, but what the heck. 

This is what I find amusing and fun about modelling. If only you could help me out with the blueprints you used for your mod, I think I'll be able to nail that OBC nose.

Thanks a lot, bud.





@C2j:rofl:Check the VW wagon's driver. Looks like he's got a strange plan in hands...

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