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He-219 UHU

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Sorry for the delay in getting this thread going, but Life and the holidays always seem to get in my way...

Here is the WIP for one of my entries into this GB.

I started this just after I finished the aircraft for the A-4 GB so have maybe a month or two in them.

as always I started by painting the cockpit colours, oh and I love how the cockpit tub acts as the nose weight. All nose wheeled aircraft should be designed like this!!!:









Right now I ahae the basic airframe glued together and I am just playing catchup with the other two before I get ready to start the camo...still not sure how I will pull that one off.


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One of my favorite kits. It builds up beautifully; my only obstacle was the landing gear. It seemed I needed a third hand to assemble if properly, but dang what a nice kit. Looking great so far!


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