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Here is one of the three aircraft I have entered in this GB. The WIP is a little late since I have been busy with the holidays and life in general.

I am currently just getting some of the minor parts assembled, and I have to flat coat the cockpit before I can close up the crew pod. This kit is so detailed it almost makes it hard to assemble. Lots of tiny bits keep breaking here and there. I will be adding the turret and the sights form the monogram kit as I jumped the gun and bought the early turretless version when it first came out.

My only real complaint is that the decals had ZERO bite when I applied them. Even with decal softener they looked like i just layed them on dry. It took some pretty heavy applications of future to get them to stay on.

on to the pictures..oh and th eyellow looks REALLY bright but it was toned down by the black wash and dry brushing and doesn't look as stark in person.









Thanks for looking,


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I have one of these in the stash... and I am itching to build it when I complete some other stuff. I like the worn yellow approach you have taken on the interior. The seats in particular... they look lived in.

I'm told the canopy fit is tricky so I am keen to find out how it goes for you.

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I have moved this over the the in-progress section. You can see more of the work HERE

Really wish I could have gotten this one done for in time but life got in the way.


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