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1/144 new decals for New AA 777

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I have a good friend who is returning to the airlines, and will be flying Boeing 777's for American.

I I am building the mini craft 1/144 kit for him and would like to find decals for their new scheme.

Does anyone know where I can get some decals for this scheme?



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Well, apparently my order has been "lost" in shipping. I did not see the recommendation of paying the additional fee for certified mail when I ordered.

Back to square one. Anyone have a set, or know where I can find these in N. America?

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Speaking of those decals and that paint scheme:

Exactly what Gray color is it ? Is there an FS equivalent that I can use ?

The decals give no instruction as to what colors to paint the aircraft.

- Matt

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That's a bummer about your decal order. I bought the same scheme for a 737-800 from Nazca and they arrived just shy of 4 weeks. I didn't upgrade the postage either. I ordered others from them a few years ago and it took a while then so I knew what to expect.

As to the color, I don't know either. Google wasn't helpful either.

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Yea, I've come to the realization that there is no single FS color that can match it.

After some digging I found that American Airlines refers to the paint color as Silver Mica.

I suspect that I will have to experiment using a few different things:

1: Using a silver base color (like Tamiya TS-76) and a Pearl White overcoat (Tamiya TS-45).

2: Use paints that can be found at auto body repair shops that have similar types of effects.

3: Other ideas !?!

Anyways, not to hijack this thread. I ordered from Nazca before. It took about 4 weeks for the order to get to me (Texas) from Germany. I also had to contact Gaston to change my address as I didn't notice at first that my address attached to my old paypal acct was for my previous address. I did not pay extra on the postage etc.

- Matt

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