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Detailing Trumpeter's 1/32 Bearcat

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Then topcoat time






Then, feeling some of the mojo return, I took a go at some more wiring..


All in all, I'm pretty happy with hour the blue came out. I was really not looking forward to having an all monotone bird -any of you that have followed my builds before know I really do funky paint schemes- But I figured, seeing as the entire thing is the same bloody shade of blue, I could really try some modulation. It looks much cooler in person, but it captured all right in the photos above.

Next up will be more detailing and maaaybe some decalling.

Thanks for looking! If you've any questions or comments, feel free!


Colin :)

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:jaw-dropping: Very cool paint job technique and that wiring....Man I dunno how u did it. I like the busy and messy look and know how hard that can be to achieve. Great work!!

Thanks Adam!! The wiring has been a royal pain to do, I make it out of stretched sprue and just start layering different coloured wires. I try and paint them before installing them, as it is really challenging to paint them and not cover everything else once they are in there. The sad thing is, I'm not even half way through all the wiring and stuff I'm planning...

wow... impressive paintwork!

Thanks Rom! It took quite a while with all the different layers, but was totally worth it :D

Very nice paint job. Love your process!

Thanks JMan! :)

Looking great!

Thanks :)



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Hey guys, update time. Got a few decals on, no stencils yet, but soon. Got the gear on an whatnot. All the stuff here is just dryfitted at the moment, for tonight's club meeting.

After taking these photos I've noticed just how much work I've got before the finish line.

- Canopy

- Weathering

- fixing cowling

-fixing engine

-repairing stress fractures (More on that later)

-fixing the framing around the engine and behind

-making the exhaust

-making the intakes

-detailing the gear bay

-more decaling

-fix the prop

-maybe some bloody dusting?

Anyways, here some pics. I was really worried about tonal crush once I added the decals, but thankfully it was minimal! :)







More in a sec!

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Well guys, it`s been a long road, but the Bearcat is finally DONE!!

well, I`ve still a few things to put on before the Hamilton competition in march, but for now I`m ok with where it stands.

Since my last update, my god, 20 days ago!! Sorry, I`ve finished decalling and weathering and even made a base with a happy little Frenchmen to boot.


You can find the Display Case thread HERE

Also, if anyone`s is at all curious what I`ve been doing for the past fortnight...

experimenting with some figure painting; I got commissioned to make a Vignette, strangely enough


Also did a little experimenting with battle damage on a 1/72 Il-2


Oh yeah, anyone remember this, uh, let's call it, short coming?


Yeah, well, this week she's getting stripped down and overhauled..

So stay tuned for that.

Thanks for looking guys,

have fun building whatever it is you build,

Till next time,

Colin :)

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