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Dotcom's 2015 in Scale

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Hello all, finally I get around to posting my 2015. Not a bad year at all, mostly 1/72 plus a 1/700 ship that was started 10years ago and last year I quickly finished and painted it.

Enjoy the pics!

Group shot (sorry but I forgot the Tiger II):




IAI Kfir. Italeri kit 1/72 with lots of modifications to bring it to C7 standard. More images here.



OH-58D Kiowa, Italeri 1/72. Scratchbuilt interior seen here



F-5E Tiger II from Hobby Boss, straight from the box. More images here



Hunter Mk.58 from Revell 1/72. Out of the box with decals from Skyhart I believe.



DH-110 Vampire, Revell 1/72. Scratchbuilt ejection seat and decals from Matterhorn Circle (MC-one). The colorful paintscheme was applied to help training of Flab (Fliegerabwehr, Anti-Aircraft Defense) shooters. Note scratchbuilt heavy duty jack to set this tailsitter straight.



F/A-18A Hornet. Hasegawa 1/72 built out of the box with Two Bobs decals. Paint scheme is of the Centennial of Naval Aviation.



Finally, F-8E Crusader, Hasegawa 1/72, from the Vietnam group build. More progress and finished pictures here



I hope 2016 holds just as many models!

Cheers, Andy

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They all look great, but that last photo of the f-8/is my favorite.

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Thanks all for dropping by!

I also like how the Crusader turned out, she looks really alive.

Cheers, Andy

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