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Balau class

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On 1/17/2016 at 10:09 PM, ikar said:

Here's my Balau class sub in 1/350th:






I just came across this thread and wanted to ask you what kit you used for this build.  I am a former submarine sailor from the USS Batfish (SSN-681) and have a kit to do that one, but I also wanted to build the original USS Batfish (SS-310), which was a Balao class submarine.  Any info you might have would be very helpful.   Thanks!

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It's made by Yankee Modelworks, kit# YKM35062.  I got it from Freetime Hobbies, I think.  I used it to do the sub in "Operation Petticoat".  In this case a lot of the hard photo etch can be left of because the only outer gun it had was a .50 cal.  You would have to add a long antenna though.


Question, did you work with that Huey or is it just a reference shot?

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That was my dad's helicopter in Vietnam.  Or rather, the one he flew the most while he was over there.  But the pilot pictured was one of the Thai's that flew in a "sister" company.  He was in the 195th AHC from August '69 to July '70.  I plan on building that aircraft eventually.  


Thanks for the info on that sub.  I will try to find that kit.  I want to try to build that one as well as the sub I was on in the early 90's.  

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