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JAXCON 2016...Feb 6th

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I just want to plug for JAXCON 2016 which is coming up just in just three weeks.

I also found out that our IPMS journal ad web address is slightly incorrect. The correct address is www,ipmsfirstcoast.org. You can go to the site and see all of categories, venue information, and entry forms. Entry forms can be downloaded and filled out in advance, and will speed up the registration process for everyone.

Our facebook page has pictures of our primary awards for this year We will be featuring 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place 2 inch coin medals on stands, as well as a playing card shaped ACE award. ACE stands for Award of Competitive Excellence and is given for an entry which is considered a medal worthy build, but was slightly beaten out for 3rd place. It is NOT a defacto 4th place award, so you will not see one awarded in all categories.

There is also an event commemorative pin, which will be given to every entrant and vendor, while supplies last. We ordered 150, so get here early.

Our Facebook page is here.

Google Plus page is here.

JAXCON is the biggest show on the southeast, featuring about 100 categories, a large raffle, and many venders. As it sits right now, all of our vender tables are sold out and we are expecting a bang up show. Hope to see you there on Feb 6th!

Gil Gregg

IPMS First Coast VP

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