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Hasegawa 1/48 F-15I Ra'am

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You do get some weapons, some A2A and CBU's, thats it. If you want to go a bit more exotic you'll have raid another kit or shell out some dosh and get one of their weapons sets; the "D" "E" sets has the latest stuff like the AN/AAQ-33 and some up to date weapons JDAM's, AIM-9X and such with launch rails and pylons added. The LAU's are not anatomically precise, but close enough for stand off viewing.

Kit preview

Weapons set

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Looking at some of the included weapons, they would be right at home in 1985. AIM-7F? I would think that some Python AAM's would be appropriate alongside the AMRAAMs.

Surprised me too Slater, but F-15I fly with AIM-7, amongst other air-to-air missiles.


Cheers, Ian

Edit- didn`t realise before, but pictured Ra`am is carrying Python, AMRAAM, and Sparrow missiles.

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