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Eric B.

Me 262B-1 - Revell 1/72

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Hi All

Actually one of my late 2015 release.

This is a Me 262B-1a. Information an painting details were found on the excellent Japo book "Messerschmidt Me 262s of KG and KG(J) units de la série Luftwaffe over czeckoslovakia" featuring photos of original aircraft and well designed and documented 4 view colour plans.

I am not part of the Luftwaffe experten but I gew an interest in the late war painting, at which time standardisation was impacted by paint availablility and production problems and aircraft show repaints, patches, replacement parts etc..

Once I choosed the aircraft I wanted to depict, and I set my choice on a trainer aircraft, I needed to check if I could find décals. It is not that easy to find decals for the training sub version of the Me 262B in 1/72nd scale and I had to collect decals here and there. I was surprised to find the most difficult items were the Z and M letters. The M was found on a Me-110 decal sheet (but had to be sliced), the Z was vut from the word NAVY from a US NAVY decal.

Building was started from a Hasegawa model. Cockpit was detailed using a very good Cooper Details resin set. Cockped painted, cemented in position, fuselage cemented together until the lack of a rear stick + no place in the cockpit to fit one (improbable in a trainer aircraft) made me wonder about the differences between a nightfighter and a trainer.That is when I became aware that the rear cockpit was set about 40 cm (1ft 4in - 6mm in 1/72nd scale) rearward in the trainer version.

The original project got back to the box (for a future nightfighter project) and I restarted from nil, this time from a REvell kit. Cockpit was built from the original Revell part (better defined than the Hasegawa cockpit) but displacing part 6mm backward (I also add to cut the coaming around cockpit). Revell tranparent parts a quite awful (too thick) and were replaced with vacu canopies.

Here is the finished model.







Eric B.

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Hi again,

The 262 is one of the only WWII german bird I find interest in ... the precision of your paintig always stun me, espec when it's 1:72 .

This motling is a stunner.


Stef (#6)

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