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First time back in 5+ years....

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So after half a decade of complete absence and abstinance from the aviation/modeling world, mostly due to my having spent more and more time and involvement in my other great hobby/passion of astrophotography...I have returned! :rolleyes:

Slowly though....I'll have to dust away all the cobwebs not just from my numerous boxes of stored kits, paints, aftermarket accessories, compressor, airbrushes, tools...my also by now very rusty knowledge of everything I had learned over the few years I was active in the modeling world will need time to come back...

So....as I mull over my re-entry into this amazing and talented world of injection molded plastic and resin my first question I have is??!

What decent aircraft kits have been released or rereleased since 2010, in 1/48 or 1/32 scale - my main areas of interest have always been cold war jets 50s-80s (US and Russian) , and modern (90s - present) e.g Typhoon, F-22, F-35, Rafale, Gripen, etc

I know I could spend ages on net/forum/model enthusiast trawling for answers but you guys are the reason we all come here...to share our experiences, right? After all what is the use of one's knowledge if it is not shared?

Thanks folks!

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Highlights for me in the past few years

You missed the Academy Phantoms in 1/48

They released




Lets see, what else..

Wolfpack T-38

FMK F-20

Roden 1/72 C-123 family

HK 1/32 B-17

lots of good stuff the last few years, too much to remember and list. Lots of great decals as well.

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Not in your prefered era but Tamiya came out with 2 F4 Corsairs in 1/32 scale, a birdcage F4U-1 one and the later F4U-1A. Some say one of the best engineered models to date. I've yet to pick one up but they have been calling me for some time.


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Eduard MiG-21 in 1:48. Several variants to choose from. AMK 1:48 MiG-31. They have a MiG-25 in the works. Great Wall Hobby 1:48 MiG-29s and F-15C and D. Academy 1:48 F-4C, D, and J. All are very nice kits.

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Nothing, this hobby is dying don't you know ;)/>

Its alive and kicking because most modelers are in their 40's 50's and 60's. Most of them have a stable live and a good income so we can spend lots off budget on our favorite hobby. We will all be stardust again in the coming decades (no escaping that...) and there will be no hordes of younger modelers buying all those new kits and AM coming after us.

Its a very good time to be a modeler now with al those new releases, i think however if we can't get more youngsters into the hobby it will slowly die...

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