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That's a good idea Tank and it would work. BUT I laid out a model of what the jig would have to be in order to get the angles right and drills straight and it actually came out just a dollar less expensive than printing the nozzles themselves...so that's what I'ma gonna do. Here is a rendering of the nozzles. Should have them in a couple of weeks and I can proceed with this build.




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Someone mentioned that there was a 1/16 scale kit of Tech 49 Jack Harper? That kit, and this model could be used in a diorama with forced perspective. Jus Sayin...

OH! If you wanted to be really tricky... You might figure out a way to use more of the rare earth magnets to make the drone hover. Wouldn't that be something?!

Also, from where I'm sitting, I suspect that adding sound effects from the movie might also be possible.

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Seeing the progress you've been making Niart reminds me why I love this hobby. The Drone is looking fantastic and is inspirational. It's what people like me strive to acheive. Here's to a successfully completed Drone :thumbsup:/>

Wow, thanks man. I appreciate the compliments. I need to get back on this soon. I have to mask off the black center "face" section to paint it and am contemplating just making a stencil for the white number. Otherwise I'll have to get someone to print me up a white decal. Thinking of going with a not-ever-seen number of "177". just a special meaning to me that's all.

Thanks again, hope to have more progress soon.


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I've gotten a little more done on this. I had some guns printed and received them today. I think they came out pretty good. I still have some detail painting to do and some other small items to add but I am happy with it so far. The tape is just holding everything in place while there is some glue drying.




Thanks for checking it out.


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It's terrific to see you still on this Bill! ... and it is looking ... SOO-PERB!! Spec-TAK-yoo-lar ... Absolootly Spectacular! :woot.gif:

I hope you're gonna enter this into a show or two ... are the NATS coming to your Texas neighbourhood? Or even submit pix to a Model magazine ... :coolio: As many modellers as have seen it here on ARC, more modellers need to see this bee-yoot!

Keep up the amazing work on this model. I'm looking forward to some more beauty shots of the model.

Wow! :jaw-dropping:

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