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CD48113 - AIr National Guard P-51D Part 2

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Awesome Kursad!

I would buy a post war T-bolt sheet too. I am currently cobbling together decals to do a Berlin Airlift F-47D.

Also Iove some Latin American schemes for both airframes :)/>


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6 hours ago, mungo1974 said:

Nice work,glad to see the images i posted above provided some inspiration for the final subjects 


Thanks - to be honest, the options on this sheet were decided upon before I posted the first announcement; but some of the photos you posted certainly gave me new ideas for a possible third sheet in 2017.

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...and if you do a Pt 3, 134th FIS Vermont ANG :) 

Their D's had really neat black/yellow nose slashes early on, later changed for yellow bands with back stars.



Wish I knew what the colors were on this one, though...Red or black on the tail, yellow spinner, or WHAT...? Can't tell. 



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