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LF: 1/72 F-4 Phantom II No. 74 Squadron

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I have an F-4J Phantom II in 1/72 by Hasegawa but it has no decals nor a box. After several days of deliberation I decided to build it as a British Phantom of Squadron No. 41 [Ex-Royal Navy Phantom in RAF service (First British plane into my collection)]. Other than decals I'm looking for a pair of Spey engine nozzles from anyone whom doesn't need them.

Looking for a 1/72 decal sheet of the RAF No. 74 "Tiger" Squadron for a Phantom jet.

Send me a PM if anyone could help. Thanks in advance.


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Sorry, but your plan will not work for several reasons:

1. The Brits originally purchased 2 types of F-4s: The Royal Navy received the FG.1 (F-4K) and the RAF got the FGR.2 (F-4M). Due to the engine change from the J79 to the RR Spey the whole fuselage from the intakes back was redesigned. The bulkier fuselage also meant that some changes to the wing were required too. So just sticking some spey nouzles to an F-4J will not make it a British Phantom. That said they wont fit anyways as the were bigger.

2. When the Royal Navy quit flying F-4s the

FG.1s were transfered to 43 and 111 Squadrons @ RAF Leuchars. 41 Squadron never flew the FG.1. The did use The FGR.2 as a ground attack and recce unit using the EMI recce pod. By the time the FG.1s were transfered they were transitioning to the Jaguar.

What you could do, is build a F-4J(UK) which the RAF acquired as a stop-gap after the Falklands. They were used by 74 Squadron and besides getting some decals you only need to scratchbuild the telescope sight an the left side of the fixed canopy section between the cockpits. These planes were originally painted in the US and used a strange looking greenish grey called Flint Grey which made them quite interesting.



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the whole fuselage from the intakes back was redesigned.

Even the intakes themselves were larger because the Spey required more airflow than the J79. :-)

Agreed, converting an F-4J to a Spey Phantom is quite daunting. Go with the excellent Fujimi kits.



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