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Eduard 1/48 F-4C ejection seats.

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From today's front page:


They don't seem to be either Mk.5s or Mk.7s...? There must be something important I don't know. :huh:

Pic from http://3.bp.blogspot.com/ :


BTW, I would kill for some accurate Mk.5s for early F-4s in 1/72! :)


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eduard's seat is obviously a MK7 without any possible doubt.

the back cushion is kind of weird-stiff-as-rock look like (and the shell a bit square), but with all the seatbelts and straps, stacked-bent-twisted over, it should be that much obvious...

i personally use quickboost ones when i've done my phantoms. (and hypersonic ones for earlier birds... but i only do 1/48...)

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That is possibly the worst rendition I have ever seen........

Years ago I sent Eduard references which they could have used to untangle the mess they made of the seat straps they produced at that time. They ignored all back then, but may be more receptive in today's more connected world. :whistle:

Gene K

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I just have to comment on this one. I think these are arguably the most detailed and complete for AF Phantoms late in their life. The reason why is the rocket pack initiator on the right side of the main beam; the kind of greenish looking do-hickey. I do agree the personal parachute container is a little boxy but if that bugs you that much, sand it down a wee bit. The only other thing a lot of manufacturers get wrong is the harness. The picture at the top of this thread represents an RAF seat, the harness having blue fittings and goldish green straps. On the Eduard rendition they depict a USAF/USN style harness but it's pulled out of the inertia reel. They were never like that unless you just happened to pull them out and lock them that way with the inertia reel lock, a little ball like thingy on the right side of the bucket. Egress guys would pull the harness out and accuate the lock during their inspections but otherwise all the straps were retracted. Lumbar pads are another issue. the one on this model is correct but in Vietnam a pad was fitted with a tree repelling kit. Anyway, back to the point, I'd go for Hypersonic seats if your doing a pre-67-68 era subject. It would correctly have the metal parachute housing. After that the seat would have the plastic personnel chute container and if you do an 80s or 90s jet, add the rocket pack initiator. One more detail would be the location of emergency oxygen. This model correctly has it mounted in the left rear corner of the seat bucket next to the guy's left side. On USN seats it was in the survival kit but the quantity gauge was located in the survival kit cushion under the left thigh.

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