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Hallelujah!! Roden 1/144 C-141B in 2016!!!

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Ooh, that is tasty! With a 13.33" wingspan and 14.03" length, it will be a good sized model!

I'm happy to see they also plan to release 1/32 O-1 and O-2, but would have been thrilled with 1/48. sigh...

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Glad I've never parted with my Revell C-5! Now to pick up a C-17 again, as well as a few other 1/144 cargo aircraft and rebuild that part of the collection.

Really looking forward to the O-2 and O-1 in 32nd scale also!

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Great info :

VC-10 and C-141!!

C-141 has been on my wishlist for years, especially after I was able to put my hands on a 1/144 C-5 a few years back.

Until then the C-5 was my aim, then it was the C-141. I was surprised the C-141 did not catch more manufacturers interest.. well done Roden.

Eric B.

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I took this photo over 25 years ago. Finally we get a C-141. Will we ever get an An-225 ???


That would be a Mriya come true! Eastern Express announced one in 2007 or so (?), but there hasn't been a hint of it since...


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Below are some pics of a 1/144th C-141B next to an in-progress 1/144th C-5. Gives you some idea of the size comparison.

The C-141B kit was resin. It was created by Scott Doepker. I would highly recommend it; that is if he is still making it. When I got it, he was only making them by request.

I'll probably buy the Roden one anyways. Would love to have another C-141.

- Matt





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