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Both new Speed Hunter Graphics sheets are now shipping. Thanks for your patience on these. As usual, Cartograf did an incredible job.

Both sheets are sized for the Tamiya (1/48 & 1/32) Vipers.

They can be ordered at the Reid Air Publications/Speed Hunter Graphics webstore.

#48013 options include

Options include

1) F-16A Block 10 80-0500, 906th Tactical Fighter Group, Boneyard Bound artwork, final F-16 to leave the base, July 1994

2) F-16D Block 25 83-1184, 184th Tactical Fighter Group, Kansas ANG, "Best Maintenance Squadron in the Air National Guard," March 1992

3) F-16C Block 25 84-1295, 184th Tactical Fighter Group, Kansas ANG, 184 TFG 50th Anniversary, August 1991

4) F-16C Block 30 86-0345, 140th Wing, Colorado ANG, Colorado National Guard's 150th Anniversary, August 2010

5) F-16C Block 30 85-1504, 122nd Fighter Wing, Indiana ANG, Viper Farewell, September 2010

6) F-16C Block 52 92-3911, 169th Fighter Wing, South Carolina ANG, 50th Anniversary of the Wild Weasel mission, August 2015

7) F-16C Block 30 86-0231, 301st Fighter Wing, 40th Anniversary of the 301st Fighter Wing, July 2012

8) F-16C Block 30 86-0364, 178th Fighter Wing, Ohio Air National Guard, End of F-16 operations, July 2010

9) F-16C Block 30 87-0332, 187th Fighter Wing, Alabama Air National Guard, Tuskegee Airmen Heritage, January 2016

10) F-16C Block 30 87-0336, 187th Fighter Wing, Alabama Air National Guard, Tuskegee Airmen Heritage, January 2016

11) F-16C Block 42 88-0417, 162nd Fighter Wing, Arizona ANG, 75th Anniversary of the Arizona ANG, January 2015




#32006 options include

1) Block 52 92-3911, 169th Fighter Wing, SCANG, 50th Anniversary Wild Weasels, August 2015

2) Block 52 93-0545, 169th Fighter Wing, SCANG, 5th Gen Have Glass paint, April 2015

3) Block 50 98-0005, 85th Test & Evaluation Squadron, 53rd Wing, Eglin AFB, 5th Gen Have Glass paint, February 2012

4) Block 50 91-0382, 522nd Fighter Squadron, 27th Fighter Wing, Cannon AFB, NM, February 2007

5) Block 50 91-0336, 148th Figther Wing, MNANG, 5th Gen Have Glass paint, July 2014

6) Block 50 90-0805, 13th Fighter Squadron, 35th Ops Group flagship, Misawa AB, Japan, April 2012

7) Block 40 89-2124, 150th Fighter Wing, NMANG, Kirtland AFB, NM, January 2003

8) Block 42 89-2082, 180th Fighter Wing, OHANG, Toledo, Ohio, 5th Gen Have Glass paint, November 2015

9) Block 40 89-2105, 114th Fighter Wing, SDANG, Sioux Falls, SD, June 2015

10) Block 40 89-2003, 347th Wing flagship, Moody AFB, GA, September 1998





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