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1/350 scale Soviet Golf-I Class Submarine

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Look what's just 'surfaced' in my mail.....

It is a solid resin model of a Soviet Golf-I class submarine.

Made by Polar Bear models of Severodvinsk - they are sold as ready-made models - but they also sell the parts as 'kits' - minus instructions or painting details.

This is not a problem as there isn't much to construct, the parts are self-evident and a view of the ready-made model shows the colours :- http://www.subs-n-ships.com/pics/subs/ussr/golf/400_golf.jpg

The hull is a one-piece solid chocolate-coloured resin casting with a joint seam along the centreline, but is superbly moulded with no flaws or air bubbles...


There are large holes in the keel to take the brass stands of the ready-made model - so they will need to be filled..


Once cleaned up it should prove simple to build....


A decal sheet, rear deck dome, forward dive planes, shnorkel, masts and propellers are included.


I ordered the kit on-line and payed via PayPal - delivery took a while - but not a problem.

I shall certainly be purchasing more of these kits from Polar Bear :thumbsup:/>/>/>


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I'm looking forward to the arrival of a Sierra II in 1/350 from the same manufacturer. Can't wait to see you get this one together. What's your reason for wanting a Golf?



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What's your reason for wanting a Golf?

Hi Dave,

I chose it because it is such an unusual shape - plus I wanted to add it to my collection - and to test out the service from Polar Bear Models.

As it was at the lower end of the price range, I thought if the purchase went t*ts up I wouldn't lose much.

But as the service was excellent (if a bit slow) - I'll be ordering more from them when I can afford to.

Especially some of the subs that haven't been kitted by the mainstream boys.


PS - Sorry we couldn't meet up - it would have been nice.

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