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Welcome to Far Out, Far East!

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Welcome to 'Far Out, Far East!', the Group Build that's going to showcase all aspects of South, South East and East Asian aviation!

The GB rules are stated below, so open up those kit boxes and get building!

Basic Rules for entering the group build;

1. The Group Build is open to any aircraft (fixed or rotary wing), in any scale, from any time period.

2. All entries must be of aircraft operated by any South, South East or East Asian military, paramilitary or civilian operator - see the full list of countries in a separate thread.

3. We are not accepting entries for non-Asian operators. This means no Air America, US forces operating in Vietnam etc. So, for example, a US Navy Skyraider operating over Vietnam would not be allowed, but the same aircraft after it had been transferred to the South Vietnamese Air Force would be. If in doubt, please ask.

4. All builds must be no more than 20% complete when starting (i.e. cockpit and/or ordnance completed).

5. All entries must be finished in the markings of genuine aircraft - no 'What If's'.

6. You must create an 'In Progress' thread in the forum with regular updates - please add the kit manufacturer, scale and aircraft designation into the Topic Description.

7. To be eligible for a prize, you must post your completed model in the 'Display Case' thread.

8. The Group Build will run from March 1st 2016 to August 31st 2016.

9. The sponsors will be deciding the overall winners of the Group Build. All entries are eligible for a prize (except those entered by myself). Only completed entries will be eligible for prizes.

10. Multiple entries are allowed, but please create a new thread for each build.

11. Additional prize donations are more than welcome! Prize donators should be aware that they are responsible for packing and shipping of their donated prize(s), and that these may be international.

12. The GB Mods reserve the right to add additional rules as and when we realise we've missed something!

So - enough of the rules, let's get building!


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