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Stunning well done

Martin H

Martin thanks a bunch for you comments.

With all the recent events happening around this part of world even this lil model decided to follow suit and fought back i guess... build gone wrong, paint gone wrong, decals too... i am not really happy with the end result honestly but at least i can call it finished before the deadline; thanks a lot to ARC and to the folks who are involved with this GB and participants; we have seen lots of colorful and unusual subjects so far, hopefully there will be more - i know i wouldn't have attempted this bird in this colors if it wasn't for this very GB!


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Hi Folks,

Indonesian Air Force - TNI AU

Advance Flying Training School 1984 - Iswahyudi Air Base

I have completed this today 23rd of July ......Not too happy with the finish ....but .........I just could not get good pictures without my giant arms holding it up.......

Please excuse my lack of photographic ability. Mainly OOB .....paints were gunze......and the crew from Tamiya .....and the decals not too sure the makers name stencils and warning from the Kinetic hawk kit supplied by a modelling buddy.......as well as the stand from another from the Airfix 1/24 Hurricane.......




I lost a part to the carpet or in my case linoleum....try to find it...and add it on....its part 115 on the instructions.......I will strive to take better pics....soon

Best Regards and Happy Modelling


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Finished it in time for Indonesia's Independence Day (17 August 2016). This build depicts F-338, a P-51D Mustang piloted by Captain Ignatius Dewanto who scored an aerial victory by shooting down a B-26 piloted by CIA agent Allen Pope, on 18 May 1958 during the PERMESTA Rebellion.

Tamiya 1/72 kit built OOB with only a scratchbuilt bent antenna on the spine with 0.5mm plastic card. Decals are from Cap Jempol Metal, a local decal producer. Work went very smoothly until the end when I screwed up the gloss coat which explains the lack of panel lining.






> More photos and a write-up here.

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Finished 1:72 Trumpeter J-11B Flanker. PLAAF.

Used Model Master 1732 grey on underside and Model Master 2036 grey on upper side. Decals are kit decals.

28757185720_48e867008b_b.jpgJ-11B-60 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

28425803463_9618f064d9_b.jpgJ-11B-61 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

29010159966_a7df8415c5_b.jpgJ-11B-62 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

29043085455_28c5ee74dc_b.jpgJ-11B-64 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

29043074285_51f80476b0_b.jpgJ-11B-65 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

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1:72 Modelsvit Su-7BMK in Afghan markings that were used from about 1978 to 1982. Decals are a mix of Linden Hill and Hi Decal.

29184941236_5676e64c85_b.jpgSu-7BMK-59 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

29218951065_dd1813c2cd_b.jpgSu-7BMK-60 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

29218944605_00dde680c9_b.jpgSu-7BMK-61 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

29184918686_1ec31e4008_b.jpgSu-7BMK-62 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

29110956702_747150830a_b.jpgSu-7BMK-63 by Ryan Hothersall, on Flickr

That's me done for this group build.

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