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Hiko Kaihatsu Jikken-dan RF-4EJ

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I'm in with a Hasegawa 1/72 RF-4EJ of the ADTW (Air Development & Test Wing, Gifu AB). Dis gun capable Recce bird was the testbed for 17 F-4EJ that were converted into the recce role.

Standard configuration for these are either a SLAR 2000 pod (which comes with this kit (KA104)), LOROP pod, or an ASTAC pod. The latter I got from l'Arsenal and might fit it top this kit.

The camo will be a experimental three tone blue grey, which unfortunatly did not make it to the production birds. This airframe however retained it's camo for a while after being transferred to 501 Hikotai.

The kit;


The aim (not to mind the unit markings in this pic);


I'm not the fasted builder, though I'm gonna do my best to keep this updated here!


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I forgot to post this pic in my last post;


Just to have an idea of what I'm working with...

I hope the wheels and FOD covers I've painted in an earlier stadium are not considered as being cheating :D/>

Work started on the cockpit, and some detail is added by using lead and styrene;


Standard fix for Hasegawa Phantoms;


Still stuff to add in the pit, but this is the result after a spray of FS16231 (X131) and a light coat off flat base;


Hope you like the result so far!


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Even though I've got resin aftermarket seats (Neomega, Wolfpack, and I think some more...), I'm about to use the original kit seats.

Reason for this is the amount of Eduard PE I would otherwise not use..

Personally I think the PE (in this scale) does make a difference though ;)/>


I've made a start cutting up the bottom part;


Here I'm not done though... The ailerons will have to be cut out too.

That's all for now..

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Doing my best to get this one done before the 1st, but not quit sure how realistic that is...

First let's fuse some parts;



Trying to add a bit bit of realism, not sure though how the is going to work out..



I'm pretty happy with my new tube of filler, not so happy with all the sanding though..


That's it for now...


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Well, I'm for sure not gonna finish this in time, though will not stop the project!

So far I'm happy with the detail I could fit in here;



Then it was time for some more filler, and less...sanding;


Maybe not very visible, but after cutting te ailerons I did some riveting to add more detail. If anyone has a chart of F-4 rivets, I'd love to get a copy.

Now I just used online pics and walkarounds as a reference.


Next step is to glue it all together ;)/>

edit; links to the pics fixed

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Gluing the kit's main parts I came to the standard Hasegawa misfits;



Indeed, the intakes. Instead of using super glue and trying to force things into position, I went chose to glue it as it came. Resulting in some gaps and poor fits, which had to be masked by sanding, filling and some more sanding..



Some for the underwing tanks, these I never get to fit perfectly, so glued them as best as I could, and used putty to make it look good;


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I've not built one of these, it sure looks like a putty eater.

It isn't. You just have to dry-fit the parts before glueing. Also, if you assemble to port and starboard side completely before joining the fuselage halves it makes the sanding a lot easier.


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if you assemble to port and starboard side completely before joining the fuselage halves it makes the sanding a lot easier.

Thanks Jens, that sounds like a good piece of advice!

I would not say this thing is a putty eater, but can't say I'm pleased with all the fittings either..

Anyways, after some sanding stuff starts to look kinda smoother;


The splitter plates lack detail, that's the reason I'm filling them and will rivet them once the putty has dried;


Now I'm getting close to the point where I can start think about how to paint this fella;




Thanks for watching!!


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